Canadian Association 

Certified Marine Surveyors

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Mission Statement:

To provide an association for the purpose of certification and accreditation to which qualified Marine Surveyors can belong.

We provide Marine Surveyors who are not yet certified or accredited, an opportunity to advance through our requirements procedure to certification. 

CACMS has two levels of membership,  Certified Master Marine Surveyors,  and Associate Surveyors.

Certified  Master Marine Surveyors are full time professionals with over five years of experience in the trade. Certified Surveyors possess the knowledge and experience necessary to do a complete and accurate survey.  


Associate Surveyors include professionals in the surveyor or other related marine trades  who are practicing  but have not yet completed all of the requirements for certification.


Qualification Procedures



Five years of Marine Surveyor service and successful completion of the comprehensive requirements qualifies  for certification. 

Comprehensive requirements  include a study and review of the applicants work skills and the degree of advances made to his skills over the preceding five year period as indicated by the survey reports submitted for consideration.

As a Marine Surveyor displays his knowledge of the trade and expertise each time he submits a report, we believe that this review process is one of the most important components used to determine the acceptability of an applicant.

We ask each applicant for a resume.  In reviewing his resume, we determine his actual professional status and his progress toward becoming a professional Certified  Master Marine Surveyor.

The applicant must provide three unrelated trade references. We also like to hear from several  insurers he has dealt with over the past five years. Before an application is approved members of the committee interview the applicant to assess, determine and verify his qualifications.


Finally, the applicant must receive a yes vote from at least two members of the committee.